iOS 11 Top 10 New Features

Apple just released the beta for the newest version of their iOS software, today we take a look and highlight the Top 10 best features.

1. Control Center

iOS 11 introduces a completely redesigned Control Center with all new volume, screen brightness, and flashlight controls. In addition to that, it is now customizable. Add what you want, remove what you don’t.

2. Native Screen Record

Prior to iOS 11, if you wanted to record your iPhone screen you would have needed to hack your phone or use a Mac computer.  iOS 11 comes with an all new native screen record feature.

3. Screenshot Markup

Another cool new feature in iOS 11 is Screenshot Markup.  You can now take a screenshot and then immediately markup and edit, and share your screenshot.

4. Bulk App Rearranging

If you’re like me, iPhone app organization is pretty darn important.  Until now, moving around several apps could take forever.  But now in iOS 11 you can select multiple apps at once and move them;  a great time saver.

5. Dark Mode

Black being one of my favorite colors, I love this new feature.  It’s not necessarily an official theme, it’s an Accessibility feature for the visually impaired.  Nonetheless, it still looks pretty cool.

6. Shut Down Option

Previously, the only way to shut down or restart your iPhone was to use the Sleep/Wake button.  If you know anything about the iPhone, you know that button is known to fail and this leaves you unable to reset or restart your device.  Adding a shut down setting will certainly lessen the impact of a faulty power button.

7. Redesigned Calculator App

A very handy app that I use all the time, nice to see it get a facelift.

8. All New App Store

In the all new App Store with a newly designed user interface you will see: auto-playing (muted) video previews, redesigned app review display, as well as a new checkout experience for app purchases.

9. New Messages Features

In iOS 11 Messages you will now be able to access any of your installed messages apps at the bottom of the message conversation for easy access.  You will also be able to mute conversations from the main conversations screen by swiping left, as opposed as having to open the conversation and then details.  Another time saving feature for iOS 11.

10. Effects for Live Photos

As cool as Live Photos has been, it has gotten even cooler with iOS 11.  Now you can add 3 new effects to your Live Photos: Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure.