How To Fix iPhone 6 Plus Unresponsive Screen

Quick Fix for Touch Disease

In this article, I show you a quick fix for an unresponsive iPhone 6 Plus screen(aka Touch Disease). Try this only after you have tried all other standard troubleshooting (Restart, Reset, Restore). This method is for situations where your screen just stopped responding ON ITS OWN, not for dropped/cracked screens or liquid damaged iPhones. This is just a temporary fix that should allow you to use your iPhone until you can get a permanent repair or replacement.

Near the power button on the right side of the phone on the inside, there is some sort of sensor or connector that has shorted or become partially disconnected.  Applying pressure in this area will cause the screen to respond again and become usable.  (See photo below)

Fix Touch Disease
Fix touch disease


Apple just recently announced a discounted repair program for this exact issue. I stated in the video that a recall was likely on the horizon. A link is below for details. It’s discounted from the regular $329 flat rate repair cost instead of free because Apple states that this issue is a result of the device being “dropped on hard surfaces and further stress.”

Apple is only accepting half of the blame for this issue with their flawed design.  This is also them indirectly saying that customers should accept their half of the blame for dropping their phone when it shouldn’t ever be dropped. This is the first Apple recall/repair program where the full cost of the repair was not covered by Apple.

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