EASY!!! How To Record iPhone Screen Using Your Mac Computer

Quick post on how to record your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen using your Mac computer. This is great for recording helpful tips to share with family/friends, recording Instagram live, Snapchat or anything else.

What you will need:

  1. Mac computer running OS X 10.10 or higher
  2. Sync cable
  3. Quicktime app (pre-installed on Mac)



  1. Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer using your sync cable
  2. Open the Quicktime app (you can find it quickly by doing a Spotlight Search, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right of your screen)
  3. With Quicktime open, next to the Apple logo in the top left of your screen, click File>New Movie Recording
  4. Next to the record button, click the little arrow and set your iPhone as the camera, also select your iPhone as the audio source
  5. Press record to begin recording your screen
  6. Once you are done, save the video recording on your computer