How to Book An Apple Store Appointment Online in 2017

In recent years, booking an Apple Store/Genius Bar appointment has become more like trying to find a cheat code for Mortal Kombat than anything else.   It used to be that you could just go online to the Apple website and easily book a Genius Bar appointment by viewing open spots; now it’s not so easy.

If you’ve ever been to an Apple Store, you know how busy and crowded they can get.  The range of customer issues in-store went from simple Apple ID login issues to major hardware issues requiring a repair.  In an effort to cut down on unnecessary store traffic, Apple made it a little more difficult to set an in-store appointment by funneling all customer support and appointment requests through their chat and phone support advisors.  So for a while, you could only set an appointment by speaking with an advisor via their website

After numerous complaints, Apple has fine-tuned their process for online appointment setting and has reopened the ability to set a reservation online.  Even still, it’s not as easy as it was before.  Now, there are two ways to set an appointment without calling or chatting into the support center:

1. Use Apple’s dedicated iPhone Apple Support App 

-You can find the app in the app store on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  CLICK HERE TO GET IT

-Sign in with your Apple ID, it will list all of your Apple devices.

-Select the device you are having trouble with

-Select the issue – (If you just want to skip right to appointment setting select “Repairs & Physical Damage>Screen Cracked” this will always give you the appointment option.  Issues such as Apple ID or iCloud will route you to online or phone support.)

-Select “Bring In For Repair” & Select your Wireless Carrier

-Select your location and appointment time

2.  Visit the store website that you wish to visit

-The closest store to me is the Pittsburgh, PA (Shadyside) store so I Googled “apple store shadyside” and it came right up (Here is a list of every store) *If you are in another country outside of the US, change the Country or Region by clicking the drop box that shows at the top of the list) 

-open the store website and scroll to the middle of the page (they’re all the same) under Genius Bar and Support.  Select “Learn More”

-On the next page, scroll to the bottom and select “Get Hardware Help” (Keep in mind, Apple really only wants to deal with hardware issues in-store so in order to book an appointment without speaking to someone at Apple support, you have to say that your issue is a hardware issue)

-On the next screen, select your device, then select any hardware issue (cracked screen, hard drive, liquid damage etc.)

-Once you select a hardware issue, the next screen will say “How Would You Like to Get Help”

-select Bring In For Repair & set your appointment

If you are not able to get a spot, try calling the store directly and they can possibly squeeze you in.  This doesn’t always work, however, it’s worth a try.  You can find the phone number in Google.  Whenever you call, the automated system will ask you what you need help with, say “Manager” and you will be connected to someone at the store who can help you.